First Female Libido Drug Addyi

Since time immemorial women libido problems remained unsolved. While the males had many drug options that they could use to treat such problems, their female counterparts remained helpless. This however is a thing of the past with the recent approval of a female libido drug under the brand name Addyi. This is developed by Boehringer Ingelheim which is a German Pharmaceutical company and is marketed by Sprout Pharmaceuticals.

aAddyi is the first drug ever to be approved for use in treating women libido problems. FDA approved the drug for use in treating acquired and generalized HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder) in women below their menopausal years. It provides the much needed breakthrough for women sexual desires which had been neglected for so long.

addyi-order-onlineHSDD is characterized by low sexual desire making it impossible for a woman to enjoy sexual intercourse. The disease may be caused by different factors and is usually generalized meaning that its symptoms are evident regardless of the sexual partner and the conditions under which the sexual activity is intended to be carried out. Libido problems in women can only be termed as HSDD if they arise in women who previously had no sexual desire troubles and are not due to psychological problems or any pre-existing medical conditions.

When it occurs, HSDD causes the affected women to be distressed and causes strains on her interpersonal relationships. With Addyi now in drug stores however, these will be things of the past. Its active ingredient Flibanserin works by triggering the brain chemicals (serotonin 1A and serotonin 2A) responsible for desire. The actual mechanism is not clearly understood but it achieves a balance in the brain chemicals responsible for sexual desire. The effects can be felt within the first four weeks of use and if they are not experienced in 8weeks of continuous use, their use should be discontinued immediately.

In order to gain maximally from Addyi, it needs to be taken on a daily basis. The results will be a stronger libido and more satisfaction during sexual intercourse. This however does not come without sacrifices. When taking Addyi, one is not allowed to take alcohol and other medications as their interaction with the drug leads to adverse reactions like sudden fainting. It is advisable to take a 100mg pill just before bedtime in order to minimize the occurrence of side effects such as sleepiness, sedation, hypotension and other central nervous depression effects.

The restrictions with regard to Addyi are not only for those taking it but also those dispensing it. Sprout is tasked with training doctors and pharmacists who dispense it. In order to sell the drug, a drug store needs to be licensed and have the approval to do so.